My interests, initially high, dwindled when read through "books and roses"(one gay and one lesbian couples' love is essential for the plot) and "a brief history of the homely wench society"(vs. The Bettencourt Society, on gender, teasingly fun.)

"'sorry' doesn't sweeten her tea" lost me in haunted ghost and gender identity.

"presence" and "Freddy barrandov checks...in?" appeared to have more realistic sense to me, but looped back to bewilderment.

"drownings" and "dornicka and the st. martin's day goose" were read as children's bedtime tale plus cruelty interpreted by adults.

My favorite is "is your blood as red as this?", that I could read over and over. But I still feel like being tricked and tickled like a kid trying to differentiate between puppet and puppeteer while conversing with a ghost.

Here I'm less charmed by narrative elegance in mystic way, more annoyed by achronological events and characters inserted (randomly) and withheld (purposefully).
Open endings - intended to allure or provoke? - not for me, I simply hope dream will awake in harsh reality, illusion will disperse in stark daylight.

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