Gotham The Complete First Season DVD - 2015

Set prior to the beginning of the caped crusader Batman taking up his mantel, Gotham follows new recruit James Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock as they attempt to solve the brutal murder of the Waynes. After finishing Season 1 of Gotham, I can honestly say that I have mixed feelings about the series as a whole mostly due to tonal inconsistencies. Some episodes feel like a gritty, noir crime thriller (reminiscent of the awesome Batman: The Animated Series) while others verge into full-on Disney villain camp territory that can be a bit cringe-worthy at times - I’m talking about you Jada Pinkett Smith. Each episode focuses on a specific case while tying all of these classic Batman characters into a singular universe. As one would expect, there are plenty of easter eggs that hint at what’s to come, such as Edward Nygma drinking out of a coffee mug with a question mark alluding to his future transformation into the Riddler. With a whopping 22 episodes, there is quite a bit of filler, and Gotham would have benefited from a tighter story and less episodes in my opinion. However, this does not mean that the show is all bad. I love Robin Lord Taylor’s portrayal of The Penguin and seeing him evolve from a lowly henchman to the villain we know and love. His performance is so much fun to watch, and I often found myself saying Gotham needs more Penguin. So, is Gotham worth a watch? If you are an avid fan of Batman, like myself, or want to see a unique take on police procedurals then I highly recommend giving it a shot. Despite my own criticisms and reservations, I enjoyed the show and am excited to see what Season 2 has in store.

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