Finally read this classic for my own enjoyment, and let me tell you, it was enjoyable and worth the wait. Something beautiful happens when you read a book written in a different time and that narrator brings you there, living at that moment, with those people who react through that timeframe, bringing history alive so brilliantly that you can almost smell the perfume, the dust, and the marijuana. (Okay, I live across from Golden Gate park. I smell that every day, even now.)

Every story is a beautiful adventure through someone else's strange, mistake-laden situation and story they've created to justify their actions. Actions such as killing your husband, giving your young child drugs, you know - the early sixties. Not sure I wanted to really live in this moment in time, but it was eye-opening and brought so much perspective to the era, to what people thought and how they reacted and why they did what they did. After half a century, it's easy to understand the present as a reaction to this expanse of post-war "freedom."

Nothing is more interesting than a Joan Didion perspective on what could have been a regular newspaper story. There is glamour, drama, oddness, peculiarity, creativity, uniqueness, and something you just can't name about what she brings to narration. It's breathtaking to be riding through the story, regardless of the subject and situation.

Still kind of freaked out about young 1960's mothers and the horrible things they made their little children live through, though. Overreaction to strict parenting is overreaction, as well.

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