Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

eBook - 1979
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Each of five children lucky enough to discover an entry ticket into Mr. Willy Wonka's mysterious factory takes advangage of the situation in own way.
Publisher: Toronto ; New York : Bantam Books, 1979, c1973
Edition: Bantam rack-size ed
Characteristics: 160 p. : ill. ; 18 cm


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MomoT Mar 21, 2019

There's a lot to love in this fantastical tale (though I do wish Dahl wasn't so keen on dismissing characters base on their looks). Watch young eyes grow wide imagining the delights and hazards of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

Jul 19, 2018

When Willy Wonka decides to let five children into his chocolate factory, he decides to release five golden tickets in five separate chocolate bars, causing complete mayhem. The tickets start to be found, with the fifth going to a very special boy, called Charlie Bucket. With his Grandpa, Charlie joins the rest of the children to experience the most amazing factory ever. But not everything goes to plan within the factory. It was an amazing book and I feel every kid and teen should read it. It was funny, inspiring, and entertaining. I am sure most people have watched the movie but trust me the book was even better. I finished it in less than 5 days and told all of my friends to read it. I am actually very glad I read this book as it taught me so much. It has many good lessons hidden in it as well. The book was unexpected and always left me wondering what will happen in the next chapter, so I couldn’t put it down. I would totally recommend this book mostly to kids and teenagers (aged 11-17). I give this book a 4.7 out of 5 stars.
- @terrificbooklover of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Apr 12, 2018

Charlie is fun, amazing, and super-talented! Love him, and Willy Wonka!

Apr 12, 2017

The magic that we remember from being young is here, along with some pretty grown-up wit, and trenchant criticism of over-indulgence, selfishness, and media addictions... Worth coming back to. :)

Jan 26, 2017

so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 28, 2016

I wish I could go in the chocolate factory too! It would be so cool!

Jun 10, 2016

My school did Willie Wonka for our production this year. As I had never read the book, I thought it was the ideal time to read it.
A classic book.

vpl_childrens Dec 08, 2015

For ages 9-12. Charlie and four other kids win golden tickets to spend a day inside Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, the largest in the world. Will they have fun or will it be a disaster?

Nov 23, 2015

Beautiful and enlightenment book, one of the best messages for humans in general.

Aug 01, 2015


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sarahbru17 Jul 23, 2017

sarahbru17 thinks this title is suitable for All Ages

May 01, 2017

orange_falcon_212 thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 6 and 14

Dec 20, 2015

cucho_cat thinks this title is suitable for All Ages

RowanReviews Feb 14, 2015

RowanReviews thinks this title is suitable for 5 years and over

Jul 14, 2014

black_shark_105 thinks this title is suitable for All Ages

Oct 28, 2013

kannb71 thinks this title is suitable for All Ages

blue_cheetah_36560179 Aug 09, 2013

blue_cheetah_36560179 thinks this title is suitable for All Ages

Aug 01, 2013

niku1234 thinks this title is suitable for All Ages

Jun 11, 2013

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May 29, 2013

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Jun 28, 2016

" 5 golden ticket winners will be allowed to enter my Great chocolate factory"

Jun 28, 2015

''I have something very important to talk to you about, my dear Charlie.''

RowanReviews Feb 14, 2015

"Lollipops... what we call cavities on a stick."

Jun 11, 2014

"violet is as big a blueberry" lol

SAPPHIREBEAR15 Jun 23, 2012

“Everything in this room is eatable. Even I'm eatable! But that is called cannibalism, my dear children, and which is frowned upon in most society.”

SAPPHIREBEAR15 Jun 23, 2012

“Mr Willy Wonka can make marshmallows that taste of violets, and rich caramels that change colour every ten seconds as you suck them, and little feathery sweets that melt away deliciously the moment you put them between your lips. He can make chewing-gum that never loses its taste, and sugar balloons that you can blow up to enormous sizes before you pop them with a pin and gobble them up. And, by a most secret method, he can make lovely blue birds' eggs with black spots on them, and when you put one of these in your mouth, it gradually gets smaller and smaller until suddenly there is nothing left except a tiny little DARKRED sugary baby bird sitting on the tip of your tongue.”

SAPPHIREBEAR15 Jun 23, 2012

“But there was one other thing that the grown-ups also knew, and it was this: that however small the chance might be of striking lucky, the chance is there. The chance had to be there.”

SAPPHIREBEAR15 Jun 23, 2012

“Of course they're real people. They're Oompa-Loompas...Imported direct from Loompaland...And oh what a terrible country it is! Nothing but thick jungles infested by the most dangerous beasts in the world - hornswogglers and snozzwangers and those terrible wicked whangdoodles. A whangdoodle would eat ten Oompa-Loompas for breakfast and come galloping back for a second helping.”

SAPPHIREBEAR15 Jun 23, 2012

“Good morning starshine the earth says hello....”

SAPPHIREBEAR15 Jun 23, 2012

“Whipped cream isn't whipped cream at all if it hasnt been whipped with whips, just like poached eggs isn't poached eggs unless it's been stolen in the dead of the night.”

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Jun 23, 2016

Charlie is very poor. His dad works at a toothpaste factory only putting the caps on all day. Mr. Willy Wonka is giving 5 Golden tickets found in chocolate bars. One day Charlie...

Aug 22, 2015

Charlie Bucket finds the last Golden Ticket and goes inside Wonka's magical factory for a fantastic tour.

Jun 11, 2014

chapter 1

Charlie bucket is the child of a poor
family and she wanted to try to find a
golden ticket later she found a
dollar bill in the snow and bought 2
candy bars...

TDSRC2013_IR Jul 11, 2013

Charlie was from a poor family and won a ticket and then won the Wonka Factory

SAPPHIREBEAR15 Jun 23, 2012

The story centers around an average and poor boy named Charlie Bucket, who lives in extreme poverty with his extended family, and his adventures inside the chocolate factory of Willy Wonka. Years prior to the beginning of the story, Willy Wonka opened the largest chocolate factory in the world, but spies stole his recipes, so he eventually closed the factory to the public. Then the factory began to run again while still closed to the public with the aid of 'mystery workers' and it had been running that way for the past ten years. Then one day Mr. Wonka decided to allow five children to visit the factory. Each child will win a lifetime supply of chocolate after the factory tour. The children have to find one of the five golden tickets hidden inside the wrapping paper of random Wonka bars. The hunt for the tickets turns into a world-wide mania, with each ticket find a media sensation and its finder an instant celebrity. Augustus Gloop (a boy who eats constantly), Veruca Salt (a girl who is spoiled), Violet Beauregarde (a girl who chews gum all day), Mike Teavee (a boy who is addicted to television), and Charlie Bucket win the tickets and visit the factory.


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