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American and Soviet astronauts go to Jupiter in an attempt to solve the puzzle of the original Discovery flight made in 2001.


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Feb 24, 2016

Guys, nobody grasped the real meaning of the movie "2001" and this "2010" one. They are symbolic and not fiction, they describe real things. Arthur C. Clarke belongs to esoteric secret societies, who call themselves "Wizards" in the Harry Potter story. Clarke was given a Nobel prize too - I guess that prize is awarded by a jury of Wizards. OK, so let's see the "2001" story. It's not about space travel, but the ancient desire of secret esoteric orders to become immortal. The spaceship has the shape of a penis in erection. The HAL computer program is our natural genetic programming for aging, and in this movie that programming is disabled, so the smart guy becomes immortal by outsmarting our natural genetic programming. David Suzuki said the mechanism of it has been discovered and they could now make one live up to 500 years. The Wizard Elite want to clone their bodies and download their life experience into the new young body. OK, so this is the first part. In the "2010" part the black stone monlyth symbolizes a rock solid secret order, which does not allow outsiders to peep into its secrets - it barbecues them. The second Sun? Ancient secret orders of Sumer are Sun and star worshippers. 6000 years ago there was a Supernova star flashing up in the sky, and they prophesied that 6000 years later another such "second sun" will appear to announce a New Age of men. In the movie in Saturn there are thousands of "little squares" (members of the secret orders, otherwise called "points of light") who multiply and turn Saturn into a second sun. Actually they tried to create that "second Sun" themselves by sending a rocket in the 1960s with 26 atomic bombs to ignite Saturn, to start a similar chemical reaction as is going on in the Sun. It failed. OK, so these two movies describe the basic philosophy of ancient secret esoteric orders in symbolic form. They enjoy talking in symbols, which the dumb "Muggle" crowd does not understand. This is "magic speech" where everything means sg else but those in the know understand it.

Feb 08, 2015

I have to say that I certainly got a tremendous belly-laugh out of 2010's "happy" ending. I really did.

Yep. This film's annoyingly naive message-of-peace was so ridiculously starry-eyed in nature that I couldn't imagine anyone (in their right mind, that is) taking its total nonsense at face value.

I mean, 2010's ending was so utterly dumb that I'm actually surprised that one of those demented-looking, yellow happy faces wasn't painted on the monolith as a way of expressing just how "golly-gee" happy it was. (Like, give me a break, already!)

All-in-all - I'd sure like to know why they even bothered to tell this sequel's tale. It neither said anything of any significance, nor did it succeed in clearing up any ambiguity left over from its prequel, 2001.... In fact, I'd say that this picture only served to confuse the original story that much more.

And, finally - Can someone please tell me what's so great about having 2 suns? Eh?... This phenomenon certainly couldn't be of any benefit to man. If you ask me, I'd say that having 2 suns would very likely mess up the balance of nature on this planet like it's never been messed up before.

Anyways - Two very enthusiastic thumbs down for 2010, a real piece of Sci-Fi/Thriller junk from 1984.

Mar 29, 2014

I watched 2001 A Space Odyssey and wanted to watch this one. It is more interesting but matches up to the old one. It is one of the few movies worth watching more than twice.

peekland Sep 24, 2012

Good movie but you need to read the book 2001 to understand what the black rectangle is about. you need to read the book 2001 before watching the movie 2001

momsteroct40 Aug 13, 2012

Ok, folks I had seen this before but forgot what it was about, so I watched it again. I must say that it was way better than the first installment. No more was there that horrible singing sound effect and long drawn out scenes. What was the point of the black rectangle. Why were they so secretive?

Jun 28, 2012

Special effects, characters, and story suck. Horrible sequel. 1 star.

Dec 20, 2010

Frank's use of the word "sky" for reading the message is metaphorical. The message was relayed by radio through HAL, and it was thus received on Earth


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Sunnchilde Sep 04, 2011

"I don't know. It's not as simple as all that. I've just spent the past few weeks programming HAL for a thousand day orbit back to Earth and now all those programs will have to be dumped. HAL will want to know why, what do you want me to TELL Him?"

Sunnchilde May 10, 2011

"Dr. Floyd?"
"The answer is --- I was David Bowman."

Dec 20, 2010

My God! It's full of stars!!


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Dec 20, 2010

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